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Turnings Four


Turnings Four is an exploration of blending colors in four dimensions. As a virtual sculptor working with 4-dimensional geometries, I am sometimes asked, "Where is the fourth dimension?” To which I can say: color is an excellent example. For example,  a monitor displays three additive colors, red, green, and blue, plus  transparency. So the four dimensions are in plain sight: in all the colors and their absence. I used this color space in a meditation on "Interaction of Color", Josef Albers' landmark 1963 publication. It seemed particularly apt in thinking about his exercises on the perception of depth and transparency.


In Turnings Four, I juxtaposed the 4D color palette on the 24 faces of a 4D cube – a tesseract. The hues and opacities of the faces change as the colors are rotated along two axes, much as stirring a drink mixes up the contents. Through projection, reflection, and absorption of light, the color of shadows and highlights signal an object’s shape and movement to us. This is how color comes alive, becoming something both mutable and expressive.

      Alex Benedict

November 7, 2019


on view at

Homage to the Wheel of Color

Nov 7, 2019 – Jan 24, 2020

Ruth's Table

3160 21st St

San Francisco, CA 94110

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